30 Rides – Day 27 (There Are More Important Things)

So, there it is…..Formerly-fat-Ken congratulated me today on my improved fitness. I think this project is now complete.  

Me and Ken’s lovers’ ride route ends with these two little mini-climbs. Kind of a steady, rolling two step climb. If you scroll back to my Day One, I think it may have been on one of these steps where I thought one of my “Fuck You Kens” as he steadily pulled away from me up one of these baby bumps. But today, things were different.

After a fairly exhausting push for much of the ride we encountered the baby bumps. I had been resigned the past several rides just to fall off the back and let Ken go ahead up the hills and then I’d catch him on the way down. But today I had no urge to fall off. There was no need.

I was pedaling stroke for stroke with Ken up the hill. (I did have this weird gaggy allergy thing going on, like a post nasal drip which was very annoying.) We both just kept going, silently. My heart was jamming for sure, but it did not cause the engine to seize.  

As we crested the second bump, “the peak”, Ken turned and said “Hey, alright! Look at you right there.”  Fuck you Ken.  

I love Ken. He’s been my steady squeeze on this 30 day thing. It was very nice chatting on the ride today. And, things are always a bit sunnier in everyone’s disposition when it’s 75 degrees.  

Apparently there was a jury verdict rendered while I was out riding my bike. It’s almost more interesting to consider what you DON’T think about when you’re out riding, compared to what you do actually think about.