30 Rides – Days 28 & 29 (Mel Gibson)

"Mel Gibson - Der Patriot": Nachdem einer seiner Söhne stirbt und sein Gut dem Erdboden gleich gemacht wird, greift Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) wieder zu den Waffen, um die Kolonialherren aus seiner Heimat zu vertreiben. Sendetermin: Freitag, 23.09.2016 um 20:15 Uhr bei RTL II. © RTL II - Recht zum Abdruck/Darstellung zeitlich/sachlich beschränkt auf die Bewerbung der Sendung. Weiterer Text über ots und www.presseportal.de/nr/6605 /

Well, God willing, tomorrow I ride into Paris…..

I combined Days 28 and 29 into this one dispatch. Both indoor rides. Both less interesting than the laptop movies I watched. Easy pace. Sweating was had but no real thunder or drama. 

You guys get it. 

I will say that Mel Gibson makes some really weird noises in the movie The Patriot in the last big battle scene when he fights the bad dragoon guy to the death. I think it was from this scene that the South Park guys got their inspiration for their parodied Mel character.  

Not sure how I’m going to feel after tomorrow. I will be happy that it’s going to start being warmer, regularly. I know that. 

I don’t know, I’m just not way into riding in 40 degrees and howling wind. Not that anybody is really “into it” but, like I don’t want to at all right now. I’m not complaining. But, the few days in the last 29 where the temperatures and sun were on point were just so nice. Those days just felt so special this past month. 

I guess it’s like needing to know sadness to appreciate joy. Like I say to my son, everything can’t be brownies and chocolate ice cream all the time, because then you’ll never really know how good brownies and chocolate ice cream really taste.  

If all works out, there are some plans for a really fun Day 30 ride. Stoked for that.