Suffer Club – Workout #34

We moved to the baseball field, hoping the sprinkler wouldn’t come on as we rounded the bases with this basic circuit workout. As great as the park is where we meet, we’ve been suffering together for years now, so we have to move around as much as we can to keep from getting to stuck in our routines.

This one requires kettlebells or dumb bells, and/or some bands. There’s plenty of muscle work here, and if you push the pace, it’s a stealth cardio blast too. If you don’t have a baseball field, you can pretty easily adapt any outdoor space to the same dimensions.

  • Bench 1 – 15 x Inclined Push Ups (run to the backstop)
  • 30 sec Wall Sit against backstop (broad leap to home plate)
  • Home – 20 x Plank Toe Taps and 30 Jumping Jacks (back pedal to 1st base)
  • 1st Base – 15 x Curls and 10 x Lateral Raises (side shuffle right to 2nd base)
  • 2nd Base – 15 x Kettlebell Swings and 15 x Goblet Squats (side shuffle left to 3rd base)
  • 3rd Base – 15 x Leg Lifts and 40 x Russian Twists (Sprint home & jog to Bench 2)
  • Bench 2 – 20 Lateral Step Ups (return to backstop)