Suffer Club – Workout #36

What the Suffer Clubbers don’t know is that the workouts I plan mostly serve my own needs. For example, I have a race coming up in Vermont. There will be a lot of climbing in this race. And so, I am planning more workouts with hill repeats in them. I disguise these things as interval training, and anyway, I’m not sure they care that much what we do, as long as they can show up and hurt for an hour.

This morning’s funfest consisted of three locations and three sets of six exercises. Each person would roll a die and do the exercise that corresponded to that number at the three locations. We started in the playground, where we used the swings for a few of the sets. Location 2 was at the bottom of a long, steep hill. Location 3 was at the top of that hill.

We got through about 8 laps. Your mileage may vary.

Location 1

  1. 15 x Swing Tucks
  2. 15 x Ski Jumpers (Face the swings on your knees, grab the chains on either side, lean forward TRX-style until your arms are as fully extended as you can manage, then use your abs to pull you pack to vertical.)
  3. 15 x Lateral Raises
  4. 15 x Curls
  5. 15 x Kettlebell Swings
  6. 15 x Kettlebell Overhead Presses

Location 2

  1. 20 x Sit Ups
  2. 30 x Bicycles
  3. 40 x Prone Heel Taps (Lay on your back with your knees up, raise your shoulders off the ground, twist left to tap your left heel, right to tap your right.)
  4. 20 x Leg Lifts
  5. 30 x Elbow-to-Knee (E2K) Crunches
  6. 40 x Scissors

Location 3

  1. 10 x Walkouts
  2. 20 x Inclined Push Ups
  3. 20 x Triceps Dips
  4. 15 x Squats
  5. 10 x Break Dancers
  6. 20 x Speed Skaters