Suffer Club – Workout #38

What we have today is a weird kind of ladder workout. Pay attention.

In each set of exercises below (i.e. each line), you will be in one basic position or be working one set of muscles. Instead of reading them as separate exercises, try doing them as one movement. For example, in the first set you do a burpee, then as you might drop down to start a second burpee you do the pushup. After the pushup you stay in high plank and do the twist, the toe tap, and finally the plank jack. That’s 1 rep.

You’ll work your way down the list, doing one rep of each set. When you reach the final set, the cardio set, you do just one at a time. So after your single rep trip through the sets, you’d run the stairs, for example. The second time through, when you’re doing 2 reps of each set, then you do the Hill Run (or whatever longer, harder cardio blast you substitute).

Every time through the list, you add a rep. It should all feel easy at first and then ramp up as you go. By the end of our morning people were on 5 and 6 reps of each set, and that gets to be a lot of focused effort. Enjoy yourself.

  • Burpee//Push Up//Plank Twist//Plank Toe Taps//Plank Jack
  • Sit Up//Bicycle//Elbow-to-Knee Crunch//Leg Lift//Scissor
  • Glute Bridge// Crab Toe-Taps//Heel Touches//Russian Twists//V-sit
  • Curls//Bent Row//Lateral Raise//Reverse Fly//Overhead Reverse Fly (we used bands for this set)
  • Stairs//Hill Run//Long Hill Run//1/4 mile//1/2 mile hill run