I have a small philosophical problem with podcasts, and that is the tacit admission, when you sign up for an hours’ listening, that someone else’s conversation might be more interesting than one you would have during that same period of time yourself. So for me there’s a little bit of hubris in recording podcasts, but hey, it’s 2021, your dog has a podcast, your dog’s vet has a podcast, your vet’s dog has a podcast.

The other thing that bugs me about this form of media is that I’m a writer. It’s hard to get people to read for 4 minutes, but they will readily sign up for 45 minutes of listening. I get it. It’s easier to listen than to read, but again, as a writer, I find that slightly depressing.

Anyway, here is a small selection of my recent adventure in the world of audio:

The Paceline – Episode 242 – The Paceline is a regular podcast produced by The Cycling Independent (of which I am a founder). We talk about bikes. This episode was about buying a new bike for my son, and about tandems and tandem riding.

The Cycling Dads Podcast – Episode 16 – I got invited to do this one by my friend Aaron, who is a cycling gadfly in Minneappolis. If you’re a dad and a cyclist, the appeal is clear. If you’re not, but you wonder how such a strange creature processes reality, then tune in.

The Paceline – Episode 241 – This one is about the process of going back to “normal” cycling after the pandemic, signing up for events, figuring out what that new normal really looks like. Also, we process the sadness of our lost year a little bit.

If you like what you hear, maybe subscribe. If you like reading about bikes, definitely do, please, check out The Cycling Independent.