Suffer Club – Workout #39

The honest truth is that sometimes, when the alarm goes off, all I think is, “Fuck me. I just have to make it to coffee,” which is a way of saying Suffer Club is the last thing I want to do, but if I can just last the hour, I’ll get the couch and the coffee, and everything will be ok.

This morning, with my ankle swollen and sore from yesterday, I was just there to coach. In some ways though, it’s harder to just sit there than it is to do the work. The time passes faster when you’re sweating.

This is a group workout. I split the Club into groups of three. For each set of exercises below, one member of the group at a time would do the “counter” while the others did the exercise, so for example, in line 1, group members would take turns running the Agility Ladder (which I lengthened with a set of cones I made them jump over), while the others did Bicycles. The whole group would move on when each of them had done the Agility Ladder.

The more people you add to your group, the harder this workout becomes. Enjoy.

Agility LadderBicycles
10 x Swing TucksSquats
10 x Hanging Knee UpsPlank Shoulder Taps
10 x Push UpsWall Sit
20 x Jumping JacksSpeed Skaters
1/4 Mile RunGlute Bridges