Capital Projects

I’m low-level injured at the moment, so I’m just thinking about pain and discomfort and adversity at the moment. It’s not that productive.

On a lark, I asked a bunch of friends how much money they would pay to zero out their body issues, all the aches, pains, chronic crap, deterioration, etc. The answers were varied and interesting, some even a little frustrating, but that might have more to do with my current mindset (poor) than the actual ideas expressed.

A few said they were good with their bodies, that they appreciated the discomforts they have currently as reminders of all the good living they’ve done. Those are the ones I stifled my feelings over. It’s a nice idea, gratitude. I’m just not there right now.

Some gave very dollars-and-cents answers with reference to PT and massage therapy and other treatments. I mean, those are the dollars you ARE spending. What would you put on top to expedite the journey to pain-free?

My buddy (and yours) John, who works in injury law, offered $500k, but as you know, he’s just had his shoulder replaced and that ordeal is fresh in memory. When I told him I’d pay $20-25k, he said he’d gotten that kind of money for a sore neck, and that I was aiming too low.

The other side of this equation, of course, is body capital. For example, I broke my collarbone last year, then went through a bout of frozen shoulder. Even now my right wing isn’t 100%. I can ride bikes for a couple hours before it starts to cramp in inconvenient ways. In other words, I have about 2 hours of shoulder capital I can spend.

Chapman has a certain allotment of knee capital. B too.

Right now I have one dog walk in my swollen right ankle. Tomorrow I’ll find out if I have 6 hours or more of bike riding in it and the sub-optimal shoulder. I suspect I will be overdrawn. Sadly, no loans are available in this market. You just have to run the debts and hope you can dig your way out with small payments over time.

It’s all capital intensive, and my savings are dwindling.