Suffer Club – Workout #42

We’ve been a little static lately at Suffer Club, banging out reps of stuff mostly. It’s ok. Seems like most of the Sufferers do other things and use SC to fill in the body movements and muscle work that their other stuff doesn’t cover. Not a lot of folks doing pushups and ab work on their own. Suffer Club serves that purpose.

Having said that, a good hour’s worth of high heart rate movement always feels good, so I queued this fun fest for the crew this morning.

First, you hit this short circuit:

  • 5 x Push Ups
  • 10 x Sit Ups
  • 15 x Curls
  • 20 x Squats
  • 30 x Russian Twists
  • 40 x Speed Skaters
  • 50 x Toe Taps

After you finish this block once, you do the first run on the list below. Then, after each time through the block, you do the next run. I’m giving our names for the runs we do but then giving the equivalent for distance and/or difficulty in parens. The point is to do the longest, hardest run first and wind your way down. You’ll figure it out.

  1. Water Tower (1/2 mile hill run)
  2. Grand View (1/3 mile hill run)
  3. Top View (1/4 mile hill run)
  4. Lap School (1/4 mile flat run)
  5. Basket Ball (100 yard flat run)
  6. View (50 yard flat run)
  7. Stairs (25 yard blast)

It’s worth saying that everyone finished this workout this morning, sweaty and breathing hard. Yay, us!