Suffer Club – Workout #43

Goddamn it was hot this morning. I cut all the running and burpees and shit from the workout to avoid a mutiny. Still managed to soak myself in sweat.

This is a pinball style group workout. I split the Sufferers into groups of three. For each set below (row) each person needs to do all three exercises. Whoever is doing the counter exercise prompts the switch to the next exercise. The other two just do reps until the counter calls the change.

If you don’t have a group divisible by three, you can add extra people to each group and just have them overlap with another person. NBD.

Teammate 1 (Counter)Teammate 2Teammate 3
10 x Push UpsBicyclesSurrenders
10 x R/L Split SquatsBoat PoseBreak Dancers
15 x Tri DipsLeg LiftsPlank Jacks
15 x CurlsSuper GirlsMountain Climbers
15 x Sumo SquatsPlank Toe TapsJumping Jacks
10 x Lateral/Front RaisesSuspended TucksReverse Plank
15 x Lat PullsBoxer Sit UpsGlute Bridges