Suffer Club – Workout #46

All the sweating happened today. It wasn’t that hot, and there was a decent breeze, but holy shit the humidity just wrung us dry. I was raining. I was pouring. The birds chirped away, like they do. They don’t sweat. And the sun glowed hazily over the park while we grunted and strained and generally jack-assed around together for an hour.

There was a kid shooting hoops on the basketball court, and he seemed low-key confused by the strange humans coming to bear crawl and crab walk up the sideline. That amused me.

This is a circuit. I took advantage of our park’s odd topography and fixtures to mix it up a bit. You should map this one out to get maximum sweat out of it. One of the exercises is a Side Shuffle slalom. I set up cones for this, with a gate at the beginning (one burpee), then about 10 cones for zig-zag side shuffling, then a cone at the end (one burpee) to get out.

We started at the top of the stairs with:

  • 15 x Elbow-to-Knee Crunches
  • 5 x Push Ups (This is low reps, so we put the emphasis on perfect form and moving slowly.)
  • 10 x Squat Jumps

We then ran down the stairs to do these in the playground:

  • 10 x Body Rows
  • 10 x Suspended Tucks

Then back up the stairs for these:

  • 20 x Oblique Twists (Hold a weight (We used a 10lb plate) out like a steering wheel, twist side to side, keep your hips still.)
  • 20 x Upper Cuts (Hold two weights (We used 2-1/2 or 5lb plates) and throw upper cuts. Put your hips into each punch, swivel your feet.)

Then we jogged to the cones:

  • Burpee/Side Shuffle Slalom/Burpee (Described above)
  • 10 x Triceps Dips
  • 5 x Dive Bombers (Again, this is low reps. Focus on form. Slow movement.)
  • 10 x Curtsy Lunges

Then we jogged the 50 yards to the basketball court for:

  • 1/2 Court Bear Crawl
  • 1/2 Court Crab Walk
  • Full Court Back Pedal