Suffer Club – Workout #52

Here’s a group shot of the Sufferers giving me the finger. This is posed, obviously, but each of them, I believe, has at some point given me the finger, even if only mentally. I gladly accept it, in lieu of payment.

Today was sweaty and muggy, like the days in summer. The sun blared in our eyes. Like a dick.

This is a partner workout, where Partner 1 is the counter, i.e. the partners switch places when Partner 1 completes their exercise. Partner 2 just does their exercise indefinitely, until Partner 1 comes to trade places.

I made this more interesting by putting Partner 2 at the top of a long set of stairs, so to switch places there was always a cardio transition. What I find makes partner workouts extra painful is when the two exercises are asymmetrical or there is this physical gap (stairs) between the two workout locations, so today I gave Partner 2 two options. For example, in the first set of exercises, Partner 1 might take a long time to finish 15 Kettlebell Swings and then run up the stairs to tag out, so I let Partner 2 go back and forth between crunches and break dancers.

I’m not always an asshole.

At the same time, I added a little Suffer Club innovation at the end. When the two partners have completed the trade-off exercises they both run to the Water Tower together (1/2 mile hill run). This is a usual component of our morning trysts. But today I introduced the Super Water Tower, which requires running down the hill a 1/4 mile before turning and running up a full 1/2 and then back down a 1/4, for nearly a full mile of hill running fun.

Not everyone took me up on my suggestion of trying it out.

Partner 1 (Counter)Partner 2
15 x Kettlebell SwingsElbow-to-Knee Crunch and/or Break Dancer
15 x CurlsMountain Climber and/or Speed Skater
15 x Goblet SquatsLeg Lifts and/or Plank
15 x Overhead PressesBicycles and/or Jumping Jacks
20 x Suspended Shoulder TapsBurpees and/or Surrenders
15 x Body RowsScissors and/or Push Ups
Water Tower (together) orSuper Water Tower