Suffer Club – Workout #55

It was raining. On another day I might have emailed everyone to call off or postpone the workout. But it’s not called Comfort Club, so I said to myself, “Let’s see if these idiots show up.”

They showed up. 14 of them.

I said, “Look, if you don’t show up, then I just go home. I really proud of you for showing up in the rain, but if you didn’t show up, I wouldn’t be not proud of you.”

The upside is that it was tolerably cool, which it won’t be again for a few days.

Here’s how this one works. All the reps are ten. Ten of everything. I don’t care if you do ten total, or ten per side of the stuff that is right/left. Follow your heart. Just keep moving.

Each block should be repeated three times before continuing on, so 10 reps each exercise, 3 times through, then move on. This is a solid 45 minutes of work if you’re diligent, mindful of your form, and don’t f around too much.

Block 1Block 2Block 3
Body RowsPush UpsKettlebell Swings
Hanging Knee UpsJumping JacksCrab Toe Taps
Plank TwistsV-SitsCurls
Suspended TucksBreak DancersSpeed Skaters
Block 4Block 5Block 6
Sit UpsTriceps DipsStep Ups
Overhead PressLat PullsScissors
Plank JacksBurpeesLateral Raises
Squat JumpsSplit SquatsPlank Toe Taps