Suffer Club – Workout #58

It’s the end of September, but fall is not in the air. Humidity is in the air. And mosquitoes. So we rolled around in the wet grass as the sun rose and slapped at bugs and complained a bit.

Real straightforward today, but two choices. Sometimes I get the feedback that we cover too much territory in a given workout, i.e. we do a lot of different exercises, but don’t get to enough reps to fatigue specific muscles. So I kept this one short, just three block of four exercises, and I gave the crew a choice.

They could superset each block, or they could go 1,2,3…1,2,3. I suggested 4 repetitions of Block 1 before moving on. As always, if you don’t have stairs or a hill to run, figure out a substitution. Every cardio blast should raise your heart rate 20bpm or more.

Block 1
Arms10 x Curls
Legs10 x Reverse Lunges
Core10 x Leg Lifts
CardioRun the Stairs
Block 2
Arms10 x Push Ups
Legs10 x Squat Jumps
Core40 x Russian Twists
Cardio10 x Burpees
Block 3
ArmsLateral Raises
Legs20 x Speed Skaters
Core10 x Sit Ups
CardioHill Run