When I’m Tired

When I'm tired, I get quiet. Sometimes I don't even know I'm tired until I realize my eyes are down, fully occupied with reading the line of the trail, and I haven't said a word in more than a handful of minutes. "How are you doing?" a friend asks. That's another clue. The alarm shook... Continue Reading →

The Lemonade

Today, the first snow is falling here in Boston, and for once I'm genuinely excited about. I've been taught now how to love it, see its beauty and opportunities, and that's down to having the right friends. It's good to be friends with people who are better than you are. Keeps you humble. Gives you... Continue Reading →

In the Driveway, Talking

I could hear them in the driveway, talking. Loading bikes onto the rack. Laughing softly. Rolling out. I didn't open the curtain, because I didn't want to intrude. Chap and Koop, the guys I ride with, off with gravel bikes for a serpentine adventure in some western woods. It's cool and crisp this morning, the... Continue Reading →

Back to the Dirt

It's all going that way. The animating idea in cycling, after the mountain bike boom of the '90s, was a swing back to road riding, road racing, everything on pavement. A certain bike company sold us on skinny tires with the help of the cyclist who must not be named, riders in their droves suddenly... Continue Reading →

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