The Hurty Ones Count Double

Trail running isn't always poetry written in dirt and stone. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it feels like your legs are made of wood or glass or some beguiling mix of the two. Sometimes your heart heaves on every climb and refuses to settle. Sometimes it hurts. My watch said I was nearly 7 miles in,... Continue Reading →

Do You Favorite?

My local trail is the Western Greenway. I've run it enough to know where the rocks are, sometimes without thinking about where they are. And I still love it. The Greenway is, to me, four or five different trails in one. It offers up some technical climbing, some open, buffed out flats, landmarks, loops, different... Continue Reading →

A New Alchemy of Speed

This post appeared originally, in slightly different form, at Red Kite Prayer. Let’s start with an audacious premise, that just by virtue of the fact that you are reading these words, you are fast. I know. I know. “Bullshit,” you think to yourself. But maybe it’s true. These things can be self-fulfilling, the placebo that... Continue Reading →

Searching for the Exit

In the very best moments on the trail, no matter whether you're running or riding, thought and action merge into one stream of something like a bliss meditation. Everything gets easy. Everything becomes clear. This is the flow state, a place you might exceed yourself on multiple levels without realizing it, without trying, where time... Continue Reading →

Sharks in the Water

The summer turns its final corner, the air dries out, and suddenly you can breathe full, deep draughts of cool air. It's like being let off a very short, hot leash. Then the leaves come cascading down, twisting on the wind, piling on the trails. On Saturday, I lost count of the times, my foot... Continue Reading →

What the Trail Wants

We are holding back, neither of us in peak form, both rehabbing from injuries and trying to get back to that place where the miles come easily and the trail flows. Who knows how far it is from here to there? It's ok. We have time. We can pile ten-minute miles on top of each... Continue Reading →

Do You Music?

I am not just irreligious in my tendencies, but also areligious. I want to change my mind all the time to reflect my growing experience, to open myself to the possibility of being wrong, maybe even very wrong. The sorts of strictures and dogma that go along with religions, by definition, don't really jibe with... Continue Reading →

Curses and Blessings

Meghna said she was out of shape, and while that assessment is highly relative (She's still fitter and faster than most of the people I know, even coming out of an injury lay-off.), neither of us is at our peak, likely reached some time around the third week of Project 200 in August. Our few... Continue Reading →

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