Suffer Club – Workout #5

When the weather gets colder, we like to keep our heart rates high. At the same time, after months of only doing body weight exercises, today we reintroduced some equipment.

It’s Darktober now, which means we warmed up in full darkness, which is hard, but then got treated to a nice sunrise.

Today’s workout is a two phase AMRAP. After our 15 minute warm up, we did Phase I for 20 minutes, then Phase II for 20 minutes, and ended with 5 minutes of stretching.

I staggered the sufferers, so they weren’t on top of each other, everyone beginning in a different part of the exercise list.

Phase I

  • 15 x Kettlebell Swings (15lb or 20lb)
  • 15 x Medicine Ball Tap and Toss (Tap the ball on the ground, then throw it straight over your head, repeat).
  • 20 x Plank Jack
  • 15 x Swing Body Row (Using the swing for a body row, like a TRX strap)
  • 10 x Triceps Dip
  • 10 x Inclined Push Up
  • 15 x Diamond Sit Up
  • 2 x Stairs

Phase II

  • 30 x Speed Skater
  • 40 x Jumping Jack
  • 20 x Step Up
  • 5 x Medicine Ball Burpee
  • 10 x Scissor/Leg Lift (A leg lift that stops before reaching the ground, making time for a double leg scissor).
  • 20 x Plank Kettle Bell Drag
  • 10 x Swing Tuck
  • 3 x Stairs