Suffer Club – Workout #42

Whoa. The Tuesday after a three day weekend. Suffer Club comes rushing up out of the alarm clock like a fever dream.

Today we got into some compound movements. We did a mobility-based warm up. We always incorporate mobility, but today we changed things around and really got flowy with our opening segment. I should reiterate, we always spend 15 minutes warming up. Always.

What you’ll see below is a circuit made of a primary move and a secondary move. They are meant to be done as a single movement, but I broke them out so people could see what was happening more clearly. As I said to the Sufferers this morning, don’t rush. Focus on form. Some of these compound movements will feel awkward at first. You don’t need to bang them out. Be smooth.

Primary MoveSecondary Move
Kettle Bell SquatCalf Raise
Squat ThrustSide Toe Tap (This is a hybrid squat thrust, a bit like an ST with a break dancer. You thrust then kick one foot under and across your body, lifting the opposite hand to tap the toe at full extension).
Jumping JackTuck Jump
Leg LiftAlternating V-Up
Lateral RaiseFront Raise
Plank Toe TapPush Up
Lateral Step UpReverse Lunge
Elbow-to-Knee CrunchV-Sit
After you finish a circuit, run three sets of stairs or similar short, intense cardio blast.