Suffer Club – Workout #12

The sun rose like a bright orange dot over the ocean, and we watched it backlight the city and then disappear into the clouds. It was nice, and it made getting up early better than it might have been in a week of high anxiety.

We did a partner workout this morning, but this is easy enough to convert to a solo act, if you can’t convince someone else to suffer with you.

The first list of exercises is your Base Routine. Start at the top, work your way to the bottom. Your partner does the first item on the Cardio List, and then comes to tag you out, wherever you are in the Base Routine. When you return from the first cardio, you resume the Base Routine, wherever you left off. If you’re on your own, you can do a cardio block at the end of every pass through the Base Routine.

Base Routine

Wall Climbs
  • Medicine Ball Tap n’ Toss (Tap the med ball on the ground, then stand and toss it over your head.)
  • Curls x 10
  • Slam Ball x 10 (If you don’t have a slam ball, i.e. a med ball that doesn’t bounce, then turn this into the med ball tap ‘n toss, but without a ball. Squat, touch your toes, come up and jump straight up, explosively.)
  • Lat Pull x 10 ( We use bands. See photo below.)
  • Speed Skater x 10
  • Cross Body Crunch x 10
  • Wall Climb x 10 (If you don’t have a wall handy, you can do a push up and then a tuck jump to simulate.)
  • Break Dancer x 10
Lat Pulls with Band

Cardio List

  • Stairs x 3 (if you don’t have access to stairs, then do 90 seconds of other cardio)
  • Run/Burpees x 10 (do the cardio from above, but add 10 Burpees)
  • Straddled Step Ups x 20 (Do your cardio black, and then you need a bench for this, stepping up laterally, then down on the other side, and repeating in the opposite direction. No bench? Hop from left foot to right, but make the hops long, lateral movements. Similar to Speed Skater above.)
  • Jumping Jacks x 40 (Do your base cardio block, then 40 Jacks.)
  • Double your base cardio block.
  • Quadruple your base cardio block, then do Leg Lifts x 20.