Suffer Club – Workout #14

I got the finger twice this morning, which means I nailed the workout. It warms the cockles of my heart to be told to 'fuck off' multiple times before 7am. And then of course, when the workout is over, the Suffer Clubbers say 'thank you' and go home. It's emotional. What we have today is... Continue Reading →

Suffer Club – Workout #13

Lucky 13. The sun treated us to another dazzling show this morning. The unseasonable (but increasingly predictable) warmth and perfect light set us up for a win. All we had to do was suffer a little. So we did. Here's how this one works. For every pair of exercises, you're going to do 10 reps,... Continue Reading →

Suffer Club – Workout #12

The sun rose like a bright orange dot over the ocean, and we watched it backlight the city and then disappear into the clouds. It was nice, and it made getting up early better than it might have been in a week of high anxiety. We did a partner workout this morning, but this is... Continue Reading →

Suffer Club – Workout #11

It's Election Day (go vote), and there are a lot of very anxious people walking around. I'd suggest you avoid scrolling through news stories all day, and possibly start by crushing this workout. The Suffer Club crew got through the board about 4 times each today, but you can do as many rounds as you... Continue Reading →

Suffer Club – Workout #10

As it turns out, this is a twofer. Two workouts masquerading as just one. It's also a good illustration of how difficult it can be to plan exactly an hour's worth of fun from the comfort of the couch. The Suffer Clubbers said I could bring the second half of this one for our next... Continue Reading →

Suffer Club – Workout #9

We're in deep Darktober now. One week to Daylight Savings. The crew looked under-enthused this morning, but once we started moving it all came good. This is an AMRAP work out (as many reps as possible), where each person just follows the board at their own pace. It's alternating cardio and muscle work. For your... Continue Reading →

Suffer Club – Workout #8

I'm not the only one coming back from injuries right now. We have a handful of Suffer Club regulars who shouldn't be running, even though they will if that's what the day's workout entails. To try to overcome their need to push themselves into places that only sustain the injuries they're trying to get past,... Continue Reading →

Suffer Club – Workout #7

When we rocked up for Suffer Club this morning, all the Sufferers were standing in a loose bunch staring up at the crescent moon hanging in the predawn sky. Within minutes, the sun rose in a burnt caramel layer on the horizon, and we got to work. This is a partner workout. If you don't... Continue Reading →

Where Is Fitness?

While I am injured and trying to behave myself by sitting still and not at all dreaming about running/riding/working out, while I am still coaching Suffer Club and helping people with bike fits and maintenance, while M sends me maps of future runs and I browse the lists of upcoming, virtual races, the gnawing anxiety... Continue Reading →

Suffer Club – Workout #6

This one requires a watch. You have 4 minutes to complete each block. If you can't finish a block, you move its reps to the end of the work out, and move on to the next block. It is not necessary to do all of each exercise before moving onto the next. For example, in... Continue Reading →

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